Kelly’s Philosophy

The time to heal our past and change your future is always available if we are willing to be present. This is true for everyone and it looks different for everyone. You are making the choice to heal. How wonderful! A benefit of this work is that when you access healing, the healing extends to your ancestors, descendants, family and community.

Evolving Healing Arts was created by Dr. Kelly DeRuvo to nurture physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being by providing services based on the needs of you-the client. Kelly works with souls of all ages including the earth, animals, elements of nature. The services and classes offered empower you for your highest good.

As a Physical Therapist, her focus has been on orthopedic and neurological care, manual therapy and dry-needling. As a Shamanic Practitioner she holds space as a conduit for profound knowledge and healing so you may live in your truth with love and joy. Her experience as a Physical Therapist and Shamanic Practitioner have given her understanding of the seen and unseen factors that influence life. By acknowledging and transforming the layers of what has manifested, Kelly has been effective helping clients heal and live in the freedom of their best selves. Working in an unseen way, and expanding ways to address physical illness and relationships led her to study the knowing field in Family Systems & Constellations. This tool has allowed Kelly to assist people in a different setting, with profound transcendence. Using all of these modalities, in conjunction with one another and separately has brought Kelly to where she is today, as you read this.

You will work together to bring positive change to your life. Services are available locally and at any distance. For more information, and to change your story, contact Kelly.