Systems Constellations

Systemic Constellations

Nature, Family and Organizational

Are constellations about stars and astronomy? No.

Family Systems Constellations are meaningful patterns that represent relationships. These hold the stories of our ancestry, behavior, disease, legacies, land, business, health. They change over time. It all exists in the container of what is referred to as the “knowing field.” The knowing field is the indigenous wisdom and universal truths that connect us all. By acknowledging the knowing field and inviting a system to be represented, truths are revealed, transformative healing can take place and transgenerational entanglements resolved. Constellations are a 3-D process to help you gain incredible insight by witnessing or participating in one. The goal of any constellation is flow—flow of love, abundance, clarity, healing. It is a powerful and transcendent tool.

Organizational constellations developed out of family constellations as it became applied to business and land dealings.

Organizational Systems Constellations

This is a method of allowing the factors that affect business be seen in their truth. Applying constellations to a business is an excellent opportunity to test applications without added expense and wasted resources. Departments, budgets, equipment, construction, acquisitions, staff, expansion, land, partnerships can all be brought to confident resolution. This consulting tool can save money and time on projects. It can also reveal sources of ongoing or future issues to avoid losses.

Nature Systems Constellations

Nature Systems Constellations are constellations with a focus on community, the earth, elements, animals and environmental factors. They can be used for pets, shared community spaces, farming, nature and how you connect with nature.

Kelly undertook a 7-month commitment training as a facilitator in Family Systems and Organizational and Nature Constellations. She continues to be involved with events coordinated for Facilitators to develop and evolve her skillset.

Featured image,by Simon Wilkes on Unsplash